Business Overview

Business Overview

Advice to Japanese corporations looking to expand into Vietnam

Local services in
Vietnam provided by
Japanese staff

40 years business experience in Asia

  • Advice from Japanese staff living in Vietnam since the 90’s with over 20 years’ business experience in Vietnam
  • Personal network nurtured over many years of business in Vietnam


  • Interpretation services by Japanese staff living in Vietnam for over 20 years, covering both the northern and southern regions of Vietnam

Experience investing in Vietnamese companies

  • Experience communicating with the Vietnamese as a shareholder
  • Experience negotiating with the Vietnamese on the purchase and sale of shares
  • Sourcing through an extensive personal network
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • FA etc. network

M&A Advisory Service

  • Provision of business experience and networks built up in Vietnam since the 1990s (airline industry etc.)
  • Provision of experience and networks established through investment fund advisory work (paper industry etc.)

Planning, establishment & management of investment funds

【Japan Vietnam Growth Fund】

  • Established in 2006
  • Investing in 10 private Vietnamese companies

[Japan South East Asia Growth Fund]

  • Established in 2011
  • Currently investing, invested in 4 private Vietnamese companies

Consulting on the environment, medicine, education, agriculture
~With JICA~

Project Client
Water & waste water management project (JICA PPP1) Japanese environmental company
Trash incineration/industrial waste incineration project (JICA PPP) Japanese environmental company
Japanese waste management company
Project for the establishment/management of a cancer treatment center Japanese hospital management company
Project for the establishment/management of vocational training schools Japanese vocational school
Project for product manufacturing/export using rice hull and bran Japanese food processing company
Commercial afforestation project Japanese trading company
Project to support Japanese small/medium-sized enterprises expand into Vietnam Japanese local public organization